Coursera: Free courses in the era of technology

“Translator: a curious being, a keen learner, someone committed to life long developement”.  That would be my answer if someone asked me to define translator in my own words. But why do I begin with this definition?  Simply because competition is fierce out there. Let’s admit it; if you do not try your best in matters […]

SDL certification: is it so difficult to get without help?

Are you a newbie in the translation business trying to find ways to certify your CAT skills or are you an experienced translator trying to upgrade to SDL Studio 2011 and at the same time thinking of becoming  SDL certified? Whatever the case may be, this article aims to dissolve some myths concerning SDL certification […]

Keep calm and keep translating

Welcome to my blog! I am Eleni and in the upcoming posts I plan to write about my experiences in the world of freelance translation. Do you, by any chance, wonder why I chose this title for my blog? If you are translators, it’s an easy guess for you. If you are non-translators lost in […]